Personal Transformation System™

The Personal Transformation System™ (PTS) provides both the leader and the team with the tools required to deliver on the mandate of the organisation.

1: Current Reality Analysis

A conversation with the leader to obtain insights to current team dynamics and leadership challenges

2: Sponsor Meeting

A conversation with the leader’s sponsor to obtain the leader’s performance mandate and current restraints that are holding the leader back

3: Action Plan

Determining the actions that the leader needs to take in order to achieve a breakthrough in delivering on your mandate

4: Sponsor Progress Meeting

Three months into the PTS intervention, holding a sponsor feedback meeting to review on observable changes in behaviour

5: 360 Degree Assessment

Stakeholder consultation to obtain further insights to leader blind spots

6: Sustainable Leadership Transformation

Holding the leadership team accountable to follow through on the actions agreed and feedback received

7: Benefits Assessment

Has the coaching intervention accomplished its stated objectives and has there been a noticeable improvement in the team and leadership performance?

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