Engaging Performance Reviews  Workshop

The Engaging Performance Reviews learning experience is designed to enable leaders to drive a high-performance culture across their organisation by boosting their capability to prepare and conduct inspiring, empowering performance conversations.

Programme Structure:


  • 2 weeks before the work session

Work Session

  • 2 day highly interactive workshop

Workplace Application

  • 1 month practical application of learning

Follow-Up Session

Focus will be on assisting delegates to:

  • Formulate a plan to deal with the key challenges experienced during the application phase
  • Develop an action plan for further self-development around conducting performance reviews

Contact us for more detail on each module outcomes and benefits.

Specific Outputs

At the end of this intervention, delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of their own learning needs with regard to preparing for and conducting performance reviews
  • Identify several guidelines to make performance reviews easier
  • Identify several techniques to set employees up for success
  • Identify different behavioural styles and describe how to respond to each in a review
  • Describe their organisations’ performance management process, highlight where different conversations take place in the process, and explain how each document in the process should be utilized
  • Define the outcomes both leaders and employees hope to achieve from performance reviews
  • Identify the challenges often associated with performance reviews
  • Explain what is needed for performance reviews to contribute to employee engagement

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